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Preachers, I challenge you in 2020



-Bishop JDE II

The Bishop of and Senior Pastor of the Pentecostal Church of Christ, has sent a strong note to Pastors as regards their attitude in 2020.

Bishop J Delano Elis II in his very word shared that-

“Preachers, in 2020 should study more and prepare for the people! Saturday evening is not the time to BEGIN sermon preparation. It is so important to read, research, study, and read again! You must spend time in the Word because it is the Word that sets the captives free! If you’re eating the Word, it’s easier to feed it.”

In times past pastors have be complacent and too used to the preparation of sermons given on especially Sunday morning.

This message is also a wake up call to not just pastors but leaders in the body of Christ.

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