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Bishop Oyedepo decree against Hate Speech Bill.



Some times ago, Bishop Oyedepo said “the church is taking the reign over the earth.”

The voice of God takes precedence again, as Bishop Oyedepo decrees on Shiloh against ‘Hate Speech Bill’ and the Senate bows to pressure and throws out bill

The Nigerian Senate President, Ahmed Lawan has said the Senate would no longer pass the proposed anti social media and hate speech bills.

He said this following the public outcry and condemnations that greeted the hate speech bill.

Bishop Oyedepo had declared during the first Night of Encounter at Shiloh 2019 that the bill was ‘dead on arrival’. Despite passing the second reading which is one of the most important stages required before a bill can become law, the bill which was copied almost word for word from Singapore has now been laid to rest.

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