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Avoiding the booby trap of another woman



At the just concluded 4th series of The kingsmen manpower conference. The experiences was like heaven on earth.

“What matters most in your Christian life is not how you started, not how great you are doing right now or how badly you fell on your face – what matters most is how you finish! The man who hangs in for the long haul with his wife, kids, career and the Lord is an exceptional man always. Unfortunately, only 1 out of 10 men go that long.” –thekingsmenconf.

The Kingsmen Manpower Conference is a biannual gathering of men who are committed to being the Last Man Standing! Changing the narrative of 1/10 to 10 /10.

The 4th edition of The Kingsmen Manpower conference was held today the 16th of November 2019, at Epiotome Event & Suites Barnawa, Kaduna Nigeria.

Stories that resulted to the liberation from bondages of men were shared. Counsels were obtained, deliverance prevailed and the number of the faithful increased.

The theme for the latest edition was Avoiding the booby trap of the strange woman,

The conference was designed to help men understand and identify the steps we can take to stay under Gods protection and power. And get escape routes from the booby trap of the strange woman.

The conference had the ministration of carefully selected speakers that shared light on the subject of the matter.

The speakers, Prof. Pic Onwochei and Pastor Tope Popoola. Starred and elaborated the course and at the end of the meeting, men in their calibers came out to reconnect with God.

If you missed this edition of the kingsmen manpower conference 2019.

Prepare for The Kingsmen Manpower Conference 2020.

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