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Avalanche of Miracle in the city of Gaborone, Botswana.



The city of Gaborone, Botswana is all set for a deluge of miracles. Pastor korede komaiya arrives Botswana for the AVALANCHE OF MIRACLES.

Few week ago, Pastor Korede Komaiya received a deluge of impartation from his Father in the faith, David Ibiyeomie.

At the Exponential Growth in Business and Ministry seminar, it was evidence of Gods Presence was undoubtedly at work. According to Pastor Korede he described it as “an impartation” he explains that “The entire atmosphere reverberated in worship. Every participant lifted their hands in thanksgiving, remembering God’s faithfulness. Mounting the pulpit to prepare the people’s hearts to receive my father the legendary Pastor David Ibiyeomie, I was already sensing that something different was about to drop. This is a visitation! The awesome experience of tonight proved to us that we came here for the I AM THAT I AM. We gathered to experience and encounter Him!”

Botswana seems to be privileged to tap in the Grace. And now in that might, the servant of God, Korede Storms Botswana as the God of his Fathers and the God of signs and wonders delivers an avalanche of Miracles, even in the city of Gaborone today.

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Pastor Korede komaiya

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